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Flow Regulator , MFC Mass Flow Regulator - Genuine Horiba

What is a Mass Flow Controller (MFC)? It is a high-quality precision equipment that is researched & developed capable of meeting the strict requirements in the production process of semiconductors, medical equipment - pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, spraying process & plating,...

The most famous and popular MFC traffic regulator comes from the Horiba brand. The result of the world's dominant market share reflects the quality of horiba flow regulator products.

Horiba Genuine MFC Mass Flow Regulator Market

Mass Flow Controller market with the competition of 3 giants: HoribaBronkhorst High-Tech and Brooks Instrument. Horiba's equipment is currently leading the way in all aspects.

1. Horiba 

It was the first ranked brand in the MFC mass traffic regulator market in 2019. Horiba offers a wide range of equipment and systems such as automotive emissions measurement systems, environmental measuring equipment, a variety of scientific analyzers, medical diagnostic analyzers and measuring equipment used in the semiconductor industry.

Not only 1 type of MFC is supplied by Horiba but includes a lot of models of gas and fluid flow controllers such as:

  • SEC-E series (controller and meter for single-value air flow)
  • SEC-Z series (multi-band digital flow regulator)
  • SEC-8000 F/D/E series (High Temperature Digital Mass Flow Regulator).

Horiba's distribution agents have a strong presence worldwide in Japan, the United States, China and Asia. In Vietnam, Asin is now the exclusive distribution agent of the MFC Horiba traffic regulator of choice.

2. Bronkhorst High-Tech

Bronkhorst High-Tech is the 2nd ranked unit in the Mass Flow Controller (MFC) product distribution market in 2019.

The company is a global supplier of flow and pressure gauges/controllers for gases and liquids with a wide range of product lines, including:

  • Air flow regulator;
  • Fluid flow regulator;
  • Coriolis measuring devices and controllers;
  • Pressure gauges and controllers;
  • Steam distribution system, control valve;
  • Accessories and software;
  • Calibration equipment;
  • Digital Fieldbus Technology

These products are used in industries, namely petrochemicals, plastics, metals and glass, medical, energy, analysis, surface treatment, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, petroleum and semiconductors.

3. Brooks Instrument

The page edge and market share of the MFC Mass Flow Regulator equipment from brooks instrument manufacturer is ranked 3rd. In order to be competitive enough, of course Brooks Instrument's product lines are also quite highly appreciated and prestigious.

According to the analysis, Mass Flow Controller Horiba's market share accounts for 60% of the entire worldwide market share range. The Horiba mass traffic regulator has the perfect replacement for other models.

In addition, Horiba genuine MFC equipment also has many advantages that do not deserve the title of the world's leading brand.

Horiba Genuine MFC Flow Regulator Classification 

The Horiba MFC has a classification according to the controlling object nature, namely gases and liquids. For each different control object, the regulator has different operating principles.

Principles of operation of MFC Horiba gas flow regulator

The Horiba MFC air flow regulator provides flexibility in handling and regulating various gas flow flow flow: N2, O2, H2, Ar, C2H4, HF, SiH4, SF6,... Moreover, controlling the flow of gas flow, it will not be affected by external conditions (temperature, pressure) that change the accuracy.

Principles of operation of MFC air flow regulating equipment:

  1. The gas enters from the input, first separating to flow through the sensor or through the detour.
  2. At the sensor, the mass flow rate is detected as a change in the proportion of temperature and is converted by the bridge circuits into electrical signals.
  3. This signal passes through amplification and calibration circuits, and is exported as a linear voltage of 0 to 5V.
  4. The comparison control circuit will compare the flow rate setting signal and the alternating flow installation signal from the sensor and send the differential signal to the valve drive circuit.
  5. The valve controls the flow rate of movement when appropriate to make the difference between the specified flow set point and the output signal of the flow to near zero. In other words, the device controls the flow so that it is always at the set flow rate.

The gas flow controller market is seeing the development in terms of wireless technology that enables remote operation, providing better control over the system. The design of the device is relatively compact and easy to install in application systems.

Principles of operation of MFC Horiba fluid flow regulator

The fluid mass flow regulator is designed and calibrated to control a specific type of liquid at a specific flow rate range. Fluid flow controllers are available with similar and digital communication.

The principle of operation of the MFC fluid flow regulator is quite simple. The flow control is carried out by integrating a control valve into the body of the fluid flow meter.

The device uses cooling measurement to perform the process of measuring, analyzing and controlling the flow of fluid passing through. The sensor is equipped in a highly sensitive regulator. When the liquid is flowing, the sensor detects a temperature increase corresponding to the flow rate and displays it as a flow rate.

Unlike heat supplementation methods, this cooling method allows measurement of the flow rate of liquids with a low boiling point. It also prevents noise problems due to the effects of secondary discharge (vaporization) and performs accurate flow rate measurements.

MFC Horiba flow regulator is a product that fully meets the functions and values of industries that require the rigor of accuracy, ability to measure and analyze quickly, mixing the mixture of gas objects according to requirements such as semiconductor industry, solar energy, fiber production process in electrical design, plating process, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals,...

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