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Wise model pressure watch P110 / P111 / P112 / P140 / P163 / P221 / P330 / P335 is a cheap pressure watch, black steel steel case, Korean pressure clock available in bulk. These are the basic pressure clock models used for gas, water, gas systems, high-rise building pressure measurement, chiller, colling.


To use the product correctly and safely, please read this manual carefully before operating.
The misuse of the product can cause serious damage and injury to the user.
1. Do not use pressure more than the given range.
2. Do not use products with corrosive liquids. Corrosive liquids can cause the rupture of measuring elements, and it can lead to injury or destruction.
3. Avoid the product being weighed down, shaken and shocked. This can cause breakage or damage on the product and leaking liquids can cause injury to the user and destroy the surrounding environment.
4. Use the product within the permissible pressure range. Overuse of certain temperature ranges can cause damage to the product and lead to destruction.
5. Please always follow the tips installed in the manual in case of installation at the scene.
6. Use a 'no oil' pressure gauge for environments with hydrocarbons (H20) or oxygen (O2). The general pressure gauge with the oil left inside can lead to explosions when it touches oxygen or hydrocarbons.
7. When installing the product on site, please follow the instructions for use.
8. Do not modify the product yourself. Please consult with the manufacturer for repairs.
9. Avoid using the product (brass bourdon tube) in an environment with a temperature higher than 40 degrees



The P110 is suitable for the conventional industrial environment. It is low-priced but of high quality.
P110 can be used in non-corrosive liquids such as air, oil, gas or water.
P111 is designed to withstand the impact, vibration and impulses of ammonia equipment
The P112 is designed to withstand the impact and vibration of freon gas.
The P140 is a general type pressure gauge designed for use on harsh environments exposed to air during petrochemical and other chemical treatments.
The P163 is designed to withstand impact, vibration and impulses on heavy servi machines
P221 is suitable for corrosive environments, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil refining, electricity, food and beverage industry.
The P330 model is designed for petrochemicals and other chemical treatment.


1) Watch face diameter: 40, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150 and 200mm
2) Accurate level of clock:

40mm ± 3.0% of the entire measuring range

50, 60, 75, 100, 150 and 200mm ± 1.5% of the entire measuring range
3) Working pressure: 75% stable of the measuring range
Protection on range: 130% of the measuring range
4) Pressurized material (burdon): Brass & stainless steel
5) Connecting lace size: 40mm: 1/8" PT, NPT & PF
50mm: 1/8", 1/4" PT, NPT & PF
60mm: 1/4" PT, NPT & PF
75mm: 1/4", 3/8" PT, NPT & PF
100, 150 and 200mm: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2 "PT, NPT & PF
6) Working temperature:

Surroundings -20~65°C
Max -5~40°C Liquid Brass
Stainless Steel Liquid Up to 200 °C




When pressure is placed on the Bourdon tube, it extends vertically. This vertical motion of the Bourdon Tube impacts the transmission, and the motion changes this vertical motion into a rotational motion. The transmission unit consists of levers and gearboxes, and its main role is to convert vertical motion into rotational motion.

The tube ranges from 3~4mm, and its principle is that only pressure is currently applied using a 270° turn angle. Therefore, Bourdon Pipes and moving parts are the most important and these parts must be well assembled in pressure gauges because of the precision machining accuracy.



Installation of pressure clocks

1) When installing a pressure clock for the first time, install the valve for easy removal.
2) Check if there is vibration, vibration or temperature in the pipe and install the accessories if necessary.
3) Before installation, check to see if the meter's 0-line indicator is correct.
4) When installing, use Teflon tape or pads on the screw for firm installation.
5) After installation, open the valve and check if the pressure is normal.

1) If the liquid contains any corrosive agents, it will directly impact the Bourdon Tube, which can damage the tube. Therefore, users should choose the type of diaphram pressure gauge.
2) For diaphragm-style pressure gauges, membranes and pressure clocks must be mounted on the same straight line.
3) If the watch is in contact with a liquid with a high temperature, then it is necessary to have a Syphon tube to reduce the appropriate temperature.
4) Sudden pressure or pressure reduction may cause a problem.
5) In case the pressure pulse or pulse pressure is applied to the pressure clock, it is necessary to install a pressurized watch protector.
6) Periodic inspections must be carried out once or twice a year to check the working status of the pressurized watch.
How to install
1) Select and install in a place that is less wet, vibrating, dusty and gas corrosive.
2) Avoid places where the temperature is higher than the recommended ambient temperature
3) Take full precautions to prevent lightning or steam.
4) Avoid places with direct sunlight.
5) When installing on a board or wall using mounting grooves, use the M5 nut and fasten the rack. When using it, it is necessary to install it firmly.
6) For pressure ducts, use soft tubes so as not to strain on the pressure clock.
7) When installing the meter on the pipe, do not rotate the meter by holding its case
8) The pressure gauge is selected so that 75% of the maximum pressure of the pressure gauge is the operating pressure.

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