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Model: P770
Material: Stainless Steel 316 / 304
Face diameter: 100 and 160mm
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1. Introduction of P770 Pressure Watch

Wise Membrane Pressure Clock The P770 (Series P771 &P772) is equipped with a specially designed diaphragm. This particular diaphragm provides a unique ability to use with all kinds of liquids – highly viscous liquids, solids and even corrosive chemicals. The Series P771&P772 membrane pressure meter is a perfect solution for a wide range of processing industries such as petrochemicals, environmental technology, offshore, mechanical, power plants and plant construction.

The product is distributed only in Wise Vietnam.

2. P770 specifications

✦ Face Diameter – Nominal Diameter:

  • 100 and 160 mm

✦ Measuring range:

  • Flange 150 mm: 0~1 kPa to 0~40 kPa
  • Flange 100 mm: 0~50 kPa to 0~2.5 MPa

✦ Working temperature:

  • Ambient : -20~65oC
  • Fluid : Max 100oC

✦ Work pressure:

  • Steady : Full scale value
  • Fluctuating : 90 % of full scale value

✦ Temperature effect:

Accuracy at temperatures above and below standard temperatures (20)oC) will be affected in the range of ± 0.8% per 10oC on the scale.

✦ Precision level:

  • ±1.6 % of full scale

✦ Over range protection :

  • Overpressure safety 130% of the entire scale
  • Overpressure safety 500% full scale, max 5 MPa (Option)
  • Opton : Overpressure safety 500 % of full scale value, Max. 5 MPa

3. P770 Connection Materials and Standards

The P770 Series P771 &P772 is part of the Wise pressure watch family, and parts are made of a variety of materials.

Flange on (facing the clock) Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel 304, 316
Diaphragm Material
  • ≤ 40 kPa: Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel 316Ti
  • > 40 kPa: Duratherm 600
Pressure connection material and lower flange
  • Stainless steel (316SS, 316L SS, 304SS, 304L SS) and others
  • Lower screw and flange mount
Shell Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel 304
Outer sheath
  • Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel 304
  • Bayonet type
Observation glass Safety glasses
Moving parts Stainless steel
Number printed on the watch face Black Painted White Aluminum
Clock needle Black Aluminum Alloy
Options External zero adjustable
Certificate ATEX Ex II GD c IIC TX

4. P770 membrane pressure lake

As introduced above, the Wise P770 pressure gauge with a special diaphragm design.

This is a thin disc of material facing outwards under the influence of fluid pressure. Depending on the type of product, many diaphragms are made from metal, giving them the same quality as springs. Some diaphragms are deliberately constructed with low-strength materials, so the impact of the spring is negligible.

When the pressure acts on the diaphragm, it deforms, causing a small, mechanically connected shaft to react in the same way as a pass. This movement is passed to a lever that pulls a small chain of links wrapped around the cursor axis, making it spin and move the cursor needle around the scale. Both the needle and scale on this measuring mechanism have been removed for easy viewing of mechanisms and diaspices.

5. Note when using

  • If the liquid is corrosive, diaphragms and diaphragms or materials appropriately must be used to prevent corrosion.
  • The diaphragm must be installed on the same straight line as the membrane and meter.
  • If the liquid has a high temperature, it is recommended to install a siphon tube to reduce the minimum temperature of the fluid.
  • Note that a sudden drop in pressure can make the watch break.
  • In the process of potentially pulse or shock pressure, install devices to prevent overpressurization such as dampers and meter protectors.
  • Check regularly, check the status of operation once or twice a year.

  • If the meter is being used outdoors, don't cut oil cap, as water can flow into the meter when it rains.

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